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The Applied Systems Lab is the research home to me and the graduate students I work with.

Zonotopes are one of the mathematical tools we are loving right now and we’re helping to develop a Matlab toolbox called zonoLAB 🧰.

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The Nova team is a group of undergraduates in my lab tasked with developing and maintaining 🧭 an open-source, research-ready self-driving software stack and 🛺 a pair of autonomous vehicles.

I am broadly drawn to understand the behavior of - and determine how to control - systems that move 💨*.* These dynamical systems appear in many important areas, types of technologies, and different scales. Some of the ones I’m particularly interested in include… 🚐 safety of robotics, in particular autonomous vehicles 😈 security of computer-automated physical processes (process control/manufacturing) 🧠 circuits of neurons in the brain 🔮 population-level human decision making


At UT Dallas, I teach courses in the Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering programs. I have taught:

🕹️ MECH 4310 *Systems & Control -* my YouTube playlist of 111 mini-lectures has over 42k views!

MECH 4310

🕸️ SYSM 6302 *Dynamics of Complex Networks & Systems* - the content for this masters-level course is located here.


I am an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas ☄️, with appointments in the Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering departments. Prior to UTDallas, I was an assistant professor and founding member of the Singapore University of Technology and Design. I have degrees in Physics (BS at Rice University), Mechanical Engineering (MS at Columbia University), Electrical Engineering (MS at Washington University in St Louis), and Systems Science and Applied Mathematics (PhD at WashU).


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